Frequently Asked Questions

Please submit the transaction hash to the accelerator, then proceed with payment, your transaction will be pushed to the top of list and accelerated, you will only need to do this once.

Once submitted, on average you should receive your transaction within 10 minutes.

Transaction ID, also known as Transaction Hash, is the ID of a Bitcoin Transaction made up of a unique and unalterable string of characters generated from the information of any given transaction, including the size, time, type & creator. You can find your transaction ID from the website or client in which you originally sent the transaction from.

If you still cannot find your Transaction ID, please use a block explorer like Blockchain.info, input the receiving address, check 'recent transactions' and copy the 'hash'. this is your transaction ID.

The bitcoin blockchain is prone to clogging, like any network, once it reaches its maximum capacity, it tends to slow down and form a cue, this sometimes gets very large and takes days do clear, often prioritizing transactions which use a higher fee than normal.